The Golden Hour

Part One of the Emela Chronicles

Everything must come to an end. Always.

That was what Princess Emela learned early in life, as she watched a deadly fever sweep through her kingdom of Nellon. Not even the royal family was immune to it, leaving her with only a father too consumed with grief to raise her. She finally found comfort in Jae, the son of the kingdom’s army general, who quickly became her best friend. Despite their differences in upbringing, the two were inseparable, and Emela longed for the life of freedom Jae had.

Years later, Emela now finds herself faced with an even bigger problem. Someone is trying to kill her. She wants nothing more than to throw away her crown and walk out of the castle forever, but she is beginning to realize that everything—and everyone—are not what she thinks.

The Golden Hour is the first book in a coming-of-age adventure, with a love story that will sweep you away.  

The Guardian

Part Two of the Emela Chronicles


Freedom comes with a price. And that price might just be Emela’s life. 

Princess Emela always knew that her life as heir to the Nellonian throne would never be easy, but this is now truer than ever. Emela’s nightmares are becoming her new reality. She finds herself dodging the Dynami, the extremist group that is trying to tear the kingdom apart—and kill Emela along the way. She has no choice but to accept help from a long lost friend, although she no longer knows if he is a friend or foe. In this riveting second part to the Emela Chronicles, the unrest continues to grow in the kingdom around her, but Emela will stop at nothing to free herself from the chains that hold her down, even if it means giving up everything she has... 

PART THREE of the Emela Chronicles Coming soon!

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